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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  So...what the heck is this?
        We are an online zine that hopes to promote talented writers, namely short story fiction writers.  We also provide links to great resources that cater to the needs of unpublished writers.

Q:  What if I want to send something to be published?
        Be our guest!  We do accept submissions, but unfortunately cannot offer monetary compensation at this time.  We do promise great promotion and exposure to the writing community.  Who knows who'll see your stuff!?!

Q:  What exactly are you looking for in terms of submissions?
        Check out our submission guidelines.  Basically, we want well-written short stories that push the envelope.  Shock value is not what we are referring to.  We want stories that challenge us to broaden and re-evaluate our perspectives.  Strong narrative voice, well-developed characters, and seamless storytelling are all very helpful.

Q:  Do you accept other forms of art?  Like photographs or poems?
        Yes, we do.  But please bear in mind that our focus is the art of the short story.  We would like to create a zine that houses a collection of the most well-crafted, innovative, and tightly-written short stories online.  We do feel that any other submission would greatly enhance the artistic quality of the zine, however.  So bring em on!

Q:  Who runs this joint?
        Phantom pygmy babies.

Q:  How can I contact you if I have any other questions?
        By E-MAIL, by jove!!!
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