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for every artist there's an idol---
here's our list of writers who defy traditional paradigms of writing

Charles Bukowski - His reputation proceeds anything we could have written here to describe his writing! More intriguing snapshots of his life story and writing available here.


David Mamet - Playwright turned film writer and director.  Razor-sharp dialogue and wit.  Credits include Glengarry Glen Ross, The Spanish Prisoner, and Wag the Dog.

Russell Banks - One of the most gifted storytellers in American fiction today.  Works include The Sweet Hereafter, Rule of the Bone, and many others.  Want some more Banks?  Click here.

Nelson Algren - Excellent non-fiction writer who has crafted many gritty no-nonsense works about the culture of Chicago.  For a more complete bibliography of Algren's works, click here.

John Irving - Seamlessly blends elements of the fantastic and of realism.  His novels are horribly engaging and absorbing.

creditsfor this photo of Algren

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