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Writerís Digest - a must-have for any serious writer.  This magazine not only keeps you updated on marketing strategies, but it also includes great articles written by well-established and prestigious writers that give advice on the craft of writing itself. 

101 best websites for writers - put together by the Writer's Digest,this is a comprehensive list of great resources for writers.

Freelancers - advice for freelancers (many links, networking opportunities).

Shawguides for Writers Conferences and Workshops - a comprehensive guide to writers' conferences and workshops.  Since networking is so important, this is a handy guide.  Search by location, month conference is held, and/or genre.

Great place for beginning writers - includes critique groups, copyright information, contests, freelancing resources.

Networking, Writing communities, Freelancing Resources - writer and market literary search.

Authorlink - wealth of marketing information.

Preditors and Editors - guide to publishers and publishing.

Writerís Guild of America - union representing screenwriters.

Writers on the Internet - a guide specifically catering to writers looking to publish online.

@Writers-Official Website - many links to writers' resources.

The Inkspot -  a great writers' resource to information about marketing and publishing

I went out there [Hollywood] for a thousand a week, and I worked Monday, and I got fired Wednesday. The guy that hired me was out of town Tuesday.
                                                                         -Nelson Algren

Freelancers - for freelancers!

Monster Board - a popular job seekers' site.  Use keyword "writer."

Publishers Weekly - their classifieds section has listings for writers and editors.

Especially for Writers - more jobs for writers!


MLA - If you'd like a quick tutorial on MLA style and mechanics, here's what you're looking for.

On-Line English Grammar - practical and easy-to-use guide on grammar rules.

American Heritage Book of English Usage - a useful guide for mechanics.

Guide to Grammar and Writing - a comprehensive guide for your grammar questions.

On-line Thesaurus, Dictionary, and Grammar Guide - this has everything in one: a thesaurus, dictionary, and guide to grammar.  Search for all the answers here!

CONTESTS (for short story writers)
what you win, entry fee, and submission deadline.

William Faulkner Competition in Fiction - money,$25, Jan 1-Apr 1. 

New Century Writer Awards - money, $30, Jan 31.

AWP Award Series in Short Fiction - money, publication with a university press, $10 (members), $20 (non-members), Jan 1- Feb 28.

Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction - money, publication, $20, Apr 20.

Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction - money, publication, $20, Jan 1-Feb 15. 

Writer's Digest Short Story Competition- money, $10, Dec 1.

Editors' Prize in Fiction and Essay - money, publication, $15, Oct 15.

Boston Review Short Story Contest - money, publication, $15, Sept 1.

Crossing Boundaries Writing Award - money, publication, $10 (non-members), $5 (members), Mar 1.

Mid-List Press First Series Award for Short Fiction - money, publication, $20, Apr 1- Jul 1.

New Letters Literary Award - money, publication, $10, May 15.

Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction- money, publication, $15, Apr 1-May 31.

Pagitica Annual International Literary Competition - money, publication, autographed book, $15 (includes 1-year subscription), Aug 1.

Pockets Fiction Writing Contest - money, publication, free, Mar 1-Aug 15.

Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize - money, $7, Aug 31.

National Steinbeck Annual Short Story Competition - money, stipend for trabel to attend Steinbeck Festival in Salina, CA, $15, June 15.

Zoetrope Short Story Contest- money, $10, Oct 1.

Long Fiction Contest International - money, publication as chapbook, press kits sent to agents and book publishers, $15, Dec 15.

Check these sites out to see if these magazines are for you...

The Atlantic Monthly
Zoetrope: All Story
Glimmer Train Stories
The Mississippi Review
The Barcelona Review
PIF Magazine
ZYZZYVA - restricted to San Francisco writers, but contains a lot of great links to other magazines.
Web del Sol
The Threepenny Review
Northwest Review
The Sun
The Missouri Review
Grain Magazine
Puerto del Sol
Fiction Magazine


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